Why I have been expelled from Labour – by Momentum national Steering Committee member Jill Mountford

On Saturday 20 February I returned home from canvassing for Sadiq Khan on a nearby estate in Lewisham to find a letter from the “Compliance Unit” expelling me from the Labour Party. As I began to r…

Source: Why I have been expelled from Labour – by Momentum national Steering Committee member Jill Mountford


A Hopeful Labour Party Broadcast Brings Out The Trolls

A Hopeful Labour Party Broadcast Brings Out The Trolls

Turning the Tide

Yesterday evening, my husband and I; along with my 73 year old mum and 26 year old son and his live-in girlfriend, gathered round the tv to watch the new Labour Party Broadcast.

Labour Party Broadcast

I urge you to watch it yourself, but in a nutshell it focused on housing, and more specifically generation rent. A young couple in their thirties, with a four year old daughter, were the first family to be introduced to us. The woman was a full time nurse, and the man worked in the hospitality industry on a zero hour contract. All their money went on rent, food and bills, which made it impossible for them to save up to buy their own home. The woman talked whistfully about how the decision to have another child rested upon whether they could afford to rent a bigger property; and from where I was sitting, it…

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REVEALED AT LAST: The Hunt-Bottomley link


The Slog.

The one-word secret of Hunt’s success:


His relationship to Virginia Bottomley…..his dealings with the British Council….his inheritance of the SW Surrey constituency….his father’s history in UK Health provision….the Health interests for whom Bottomley now works….his capture of the Health portfolio in the recent reshuffle.

♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣

Throughout his career, Jeremy Hunt’s advancement somehow always seemed to involve his path crossing that of the former Virginia Bottomley, known since 2005 as Baroness Nettlestone. Now – with the help of some initial sleuthing by regular Slogger Jackie – I can offer readers a big clue: they are cousins. Laid out below (for anyone with any feeling for the importance of meritocracy) is how still, in 2012, career progress of the type admired by David Cameron – “the leg up” – is alive and well. One where the right tie, who you know, and above all a…

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Under Corbyn, Labour Can Regain Its Self-Respect

Under Corbyn, Labour Can Regain Its Self-Respect

Good stuff again from Corbyn’s motivator…..

Turning the Tide

Peter Norman. Does the name ring any bells? I hope it does, because it’s a name that deserves to ring them loud and clear. But if it doesn’t I wouldn’t be surprised. The first I knew of Peter Norman was just over a week ago, when someone posted his inspirational story on Facebook.

In 1968; the tumultuous and tragic year when Martin Luther King was assassinated, Peter Norman – a white Australian athlete – broke the 200 metre Australian record to win an Olympic silver medal in Mexico City; a record that stands to this day. But it isn’t that that makes him so inspirational. The inspirational bit comes from how he reacted when his fellow medalists – Tommie Smith and John Carlos – informed him of their plan to use their time on the podium to protest with a black power salute.


Rather than be piqued about the medal…

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What the Poppy is not

Those Who Will Not Be Drowned


Some years ago, I was privileged to work for Norfolk Libraries on a brilliant project digitising thousands of old photographs. Amongst these was a collection of portrait photographs of the Norfolk Roll of Honour – those members of the armed forces who had been killed during the First World War. I have written about it before and I still find the images of those men incredibly powerful, and for a short time afterwards, I started wearing a poppy. I remember having to restrain myself on a train home from London to Norwich when an American student made a lot of pointed remarks, directed towards me, about the politics of anyone who wore a poppy, that it was somehow a demonstration of support for the Iraq war. I didn’t. It wasn’t.

Now I have stopped wearing poppies, but for the opposite reason. The current jingoistic, militarist atmosphere that seems to prevail…

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