Sadness and rage in the face of lies

rebel notes

I’m grateful I was talked down from putting some angry thoughts on Twitter after midnight last night about the war against the left that is raging in the Labour Party. That war has been further fueled by the Tory press, and the BBC. And they in turn have been aided and abetted by a set of rightward leaning Jewish organisations, whose importance has been very conveniently and falsely distorted by powerful media and political figures outside of the Jewish community, who do not possess a reputation as friends of the victims of racism

The indignant sense of self-importance of those particular right-leaning Jewish individuals and organisations (Chief Rabbi Ephriam Mirvis , Board of Deputies, Jewish Leadership Council, Community Security Trust, and the extremely right-wing Campaign Against Antisemitism) has never been in doubt. But, let’s be clear: their agendas and loyalties have never been, nor will they ever be, the wellbeing…

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Huge: senior police officer says May lying re police nos/security #GE17 #Kirkham

Former Metropolitan Police Senior Investigating Officer Peter Kirkham states categorically that Theresa May’s claims that there are more police and more armed police on the streets than ever before is a lie, amid an excoriating assault on her credibility, honesty and on her fitness to keep this country secure.

Source: Huge: senior police officer says May lying re police nos/security #GE17 #Kirkham


It's Kosher to Boycott Israeli Goods

Jewish labour and trade union activists, members of a range of groups campaigning in solidarity with the people of Palestine, have produced a statement intended for use in the fightback against the witch hunt targeting the pro-Palestinian Left in the Labour Party. 

Labour movement and human rights organisations, including PSC branches, can use it to generate informed debate and send a message to the political establishment that we will not allow campaigners for justice for Palestine to be smeared with allegations of antisemitism.

As the Jewish Socialist Group has stated on its website:

“A very small number of such cases seem to be real instances of antisemitism. Others represent genuine criticism of Israeli policy and support for Palestinian rights, but expressed in clumsy and ambiguous language, which may unknowingly cross a line into antisemitism. Further cases are simply forthright expressions of support for Palestinian rights, which condemn Israeli government policy and aspects of…

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A Hopeful Labour Party Broadcast Brings Out The Trolls

A Hopeful Labour Party Broadcast Brings Out The Trolls

Turning the Tide

Yesterday evening, my husband and I; along with my 73 year old mum and 26 year old son and his live-in girlfriend, gathered round the tv to watch the new Labour Party Broadcast.

Labour Party Broadcast

I urge you to watch it yourself, but in a nutshell it focused on housing, and more specifically generation rent. A young couple in their thirties, with a four year old daughter, were the first family to be introduced to us. The woman was a full time nurse, and the man worked in the hospitality industry on a zero hour contract. All their money went on rent, food and bills, which made it impossible for them to save up to buy their own home. The woman talked whistfully about how the decision to have another child rested upon whether they could afford to rent a bigger property; and from where I was sitting, it…

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