Sadness and rage in the face of lies

rebel notes

I’m grateful I was talked down from putting some angry thoughts on Twitter after midnight last night about the war against the left that is raging in the Labour Party. That war has been further fueled by the Tory press, and the BBC. And they in turn have been aided and abetted by a set of rightward leaning Jewish organisations, whose importance has been very conveniently and falsely distorted by powerful media and political figures outside of the Jewish community, who do not possess a reputation as friends of the victims of racism

The indignant sense of self-importance of those particular right-leaning Jewish individuals and organisations (Chief Rabbi Ephriam Mirvis , Board of Deputies, Jewish Leadership Council, Community Security Trust, and the extremely right-wing Campaign Against Antisemitism) has never been in doubt. But, let’s be clear: their agendas and loyalties have never been, nor will they ever be, the wellbeing…

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